Making the Most of Christmas: Digital Engagement for the Holidays

This is not a webinar. I will not talk at you for three hours.

Nope, this is a workshop. It is designed to leave churches with a plan for their digital Advent and Christmas programming and communications. Here’s how I’m setting it up:

First, it’s limited to just 10 participants. I’m keeping it small so we can collaborate and be productive.

Once you sign up, I will ask you to send me information about your “normal” holiday programming and which pieces of it you’d like to translate to the digital space this year. If that’s easier done in conversation, we can do that, too. Then, through consulting, small group exercises, and conversation, we will spend three hours on Tuesday, October 27 mapping out and fine-tuning your holiday approach.

Why is this important? 2020 has been a weird and rough year. And like the rest of our lives right now, the Advent and Christmas seasons at our churches are going to look different. Furthermore, for many Christians, this is the time of year at which they need greater connection, greater care. Even if your church has returned to in-person worship, you will need to think of ways to come alongside those who can’t be in your pews, to walk with them through this period of both waiting and celebration. This season, churches have the opportunity to show up for their congregations—even online—and minister to them in new and meaningful ways.

My goal in offering this workshop is to help you do just that but also to tailor your holiday approach to your unique church community and the resources that you have available to you.

I will offer a wealth of creative ideas and options for churches that are burned out trying to keep things fresh digitally. I will teach you how to structure, host, and execute your Advent and Christmas virtual small groups and services. We’ll learn how to engage your congregation in conversation and how to optimize digital communications as 2-way versus 1-way platforms. Finally, together, we will create a strategic 6-week Advent and Christmas communications plan that increases awareness, interest, attendance, engagement, and giving during the holidays.

We’ll start at 10 a.m. ET on Tuesday, October 27 and work until noon. Then we’ll take a 30-minute break and gather again for the last hour of the workshop. The cost is $75 per church—not per person—so you can have your whole leadership team participate if that makes sense for you!

If this class has filled and you would like to participate, you can email me at expressing your interest. If there are enough churches interested in a second group, I will make that happen!

Whether you participate in this workshop or not, I pray that your church and your congregation will be blessed by Advent and Christmas this year. That the season will comfort and heal and bring joy. Let’s make the most of this Christmas, even—no, especially—in 2020.

P.S. You can register here.

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