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What's next?

When to get help

The biggest sign that you need help is exhaustion.


I have conversations—through classes and meetings—with dozens of church leaders each week. These conversations have led to one overarching theme: exhaustion.

Church leaders were already exhausted before the pandemic.


They became more exhausted because the pandemic forced them to scramble and "be church" in ways they had never had to before.


And they are exhausted now by the reality of becoming a hybrid church, of returning to some sort of post-pandemic church in which they have to do everything they were doing before and everything they are doing now.

Past, present, and future exhaustion.

Here's the thing: you don't have to be exhausted. Especially when it comes to doing and being church in a digital space.


By taking a little time to assess what you've done, what has and hasn't worked, and why, I can help you map out an approach to your church communications that is suited to your needs and resources.


Stop doing things because you think you have to do them. In working with me, you will know what needs to be done, how to do it efficiently, and why it's important.

All so that you can spend more of your time doing what is most important—caring for your congregations.

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What Others Have To Say

I have spent over ten years as a church communications consultant and can verify that there are very few individuals who understand all the communication needs of a congregation: understanding of digital communication strategies, marketing for a religious audience, unique challenges with trying to reach different age groups, and limited financial and personnel resources to spend on these needs, to name a few. Not only does Christen appreciate and know how to navigate these difficulties, but she also brings valuable experience from the competitive for-profit and retail world. Every dollar you spend on her services will take you further than you thought possible and be worth every penny.

– Natalie Aho, Founder of Digital Clergy –

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