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A quick social media strategy that works for everyone

Part of my job is to continue seeking out and thinking through new ways to assist my clients in their communication. Years ago, I developed a social media training structure that I teach individuals and groups all kinds—a process I will teach starting this Thursday in a four-part series.

This process includes strategy development and tools to set up anyone for growth and impact in the social media space, using the resources (human and other) that they have available to them—however limited.

Quick plug: It starts this Thursday; you can review the details and sign up here. You don't have to take the classes live to participate; I'll send the recordings to the entire group. You also get access to office hours for one-one-on consulting. The cost for the entire series if $145 and the cost is per organization/church so as many people as you'd like can participate.

While this process has benefited everyone who has learned and implemented it, not everyone is prepared to invest in social media communication enough to develop a custom strategy around it.

Over the years, I've struggled with how to help these churches and groups. When it comes to social media, everyone needs a framework for the kind of content we publish to ensure people are seeing what we post. No one wants to waste time and effort.

Well, I think I've found that framework.


Here is the quick social media strategy that will work for everyone.

Publish three types of content, over time.


By viral content, I mean that I want you to publish content that will attract new followers, that will cause people to pay attention and be curious.

TikTok Example:


When you publish valuable content, you will solve your followers' problems and answer their questions. You will add value to their lives.

TikTok Example:


In posting content that has depth, you will build connection between you and your followers.

TikTok Example:

The content that grows your social media audience is different from the content that serves them. An impactful strategy addresses growth, service, and relationship.


A note on the examples: Your church may be very different from the one I've used in these three examples. Nonetheless, each post does a great job of going viral, adding value, and creating depth. I hope they help you better understand this approach!

If you have questions about this or anything else related to your communications, you can email me at If you're interested in learning to approach social media strategically with great impact and without wasting resources, sign up for my upcoming class here.

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