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Introducing Digital Congregations

Dearest friends, family, and partners,

Today, I am launching, digital communications consulting tailored for churches.

Digital Congregations sits at the intersection of my expertise and wide-ranging experience over the past decade in marketing and communications as well as my belief in the importance of faith communities.

This new business will come alongside churches like yours to help make connections faster, wider, and deeper than ever before—and all of it digitally.

Below is a taste of the services I offer. They include consulting and coaching, graphic and web design, writing and editing, as well as the full-service implementation of an agreed upon communications strategy.

I encourage you to utilize my website as a resource. It contains ideas on how to begin developing your church's digital strategy. I also email tips and tricks regularly to my subscribers on everything from useful websites for non-graphic designers to ways to organize a content calendar. There are times, however, when you need an expert, a consultant, or a coach. Below are a few example scenarios of ways I can step in to help congregations and ministers. Already convinced? For a complete list of services and costs, click here.

  • Blog setup for a minister to use as her/his main platform

  • Email newsletter design with MailChimp to facilitate streamlined, branded, and effective weekly outreach

  • Consulting with a church to give them an overall audit of where they currently stand with communication platforms and then a strategy for improvement of their online, digital footprint

  • Evaluation of a church’s website with consultation of easy, quick improvements as well as long-term changes

  • One-day social media bootcamp conferences—elementary and advanced levels available

  • One-day presentations on strategies for internal and external communication skills for congregations

  • Overall communications strategy and implementation including a website redesign with content setup, a regular email newsletter and a quarterly print magazine

One quick final point on my general approach: It will not help your church to create a digital strategy only in response to the pandemic. Instead, look at this time as a greater opportunity, an opportunity to connect more deeply and, yes, even more authentically with three groups: your committed congregants, your members on the fringe, and a new audience in your area and even beyond. Use this time to lead your church in a direction that will support the church’s work in the long-term, beyond this pandemic, and to create beloved community both virtually and in person.

I would love to help you do just that.​

With gratitude,


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