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Do you know your value?

Your church likely has a mission statement. But does it have a value proposition?

I believe churches have much to learn from best business practices. (The reverse is also true, of course.) One of these best practices that I encourage churches to adopt is the development of a value proposition.

A value proposition is not a mission statement. In business, a mission statement is written from the company's perspective. It defines what a company is and does. A value proposition is written from the customer's perspective and defines the reason why a customer would buy your product or services in exchange for some cost or sacrifice.

Mission statements for churches are important. You want to clearly communicate your church's purpose so that the investment of your time and resources as well as your messaging and even your leadership style all remain aligned.

But value is different from purpose. Delivering value to a client means nothing more than meeting their needs and when possible exceeding their expectations. Delivering value is service. And is the Church not asked to serve?

A value proposition helps you articulate and communicate your church's value—how you serve and why—in such a way that someone else can readily understand what makes your church different from another. Not to compete but to distinguish. A value proposition should also, along with your mission statement, drive decision-making and planning because it is the value you offer, the way you serve your congregants, that keeps them coming back.

Here are a few questions to ask as you begin thinking about your church's value proposition:

  1. What are all of the significant reasons our congregants have expressed for participating in our church community?

  2. What kinds of people are likely to have the types of needs that we are set up to serve?

  3. What specific outcomes are these people seeking?

  4. What features of our church will help them reach these desired outcomes?

If you're interested in learning more about designing a value proposition for your church, reach out to me by email and let's find a time to chat.

You can also sign up for my Storytelling workshop during which we will discuss this process. There are a few spots left for the Wednesday morning course starting in February.

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