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Are you boring?

Are you boring?

Probably not. But your church’s communications may be.

Churches often default to making announcements and sharing information, but that bores people. Instead, why not inspire them to action and build community by telling great stories?

Storytelling may be a recent marketing buzzword, but it’s also a beloved tradition. Stories are both ancient and relevant today as only they can cut through the busy-ness and the noise.

This 3-part Zoom series is designed to teach congregational leaders of all kinds how to craft and tell their church’s story across their communications. This course is $100 and includes the three 90-minute lessons as well as office hours for specific questions and concerns. The course is limited to 10 participating churches to maximize individual attention.

Wednesday, February 3 | 10 a.m. ET

Setting the Stage

To tell your church’s story effectively, you must know and understand its various components. And they are likely not what you think. Discover why your church is not the hero of its own story and establish the foundation for this important process.

Wednesday, February 10 | 10 a.m. ET

Writing the Script

Once you have the key components of your story in place, it’s time to write your script. In this lesson, you will learn to answer specific questions in a specific order so your story captures attention and inspires!

Wednesday, February 17 | 10 a.m. ET

Telling Your Story

Now that you are ready to tell your story, learn how to tell it best based on the platform you’re telling it on, the place you’re telling it in, and the people you’re telling it to! Get tips for storytelling on your church’s website, through social media, by email, via video, and even in your church building!

Register here today!

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