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A Resource for Pastoral Musicians

Through my work, I often have the privilege of encountering organizations that are engaged in work that stands out as necessary and rare. Diakonos Solutions serves women in ministry leadership. Faith Commons promotes public discourse rooted in the common values of many faiths. And Polyphony Music Resources aims to nurture church musicians in their ministry and in their well-being so they thrive wherever God calls them.

I started working with Polyphony in 2021 when they needed to formalize their branding and build a new website. I have had the joy of experiencing their ministry firsthand, and can speak to how thoughtful and important it is.

This year, the organization is focused on the theme of adaptation.

How do we adapt and flourish in spite of challenges that seem overwhelming? There are no easy answers. But if we are to find ways to more than simply survive, adaptation will be necessary.

This year's Polyphony conference—in Nashville from February 2-4—will further explore what it means to adapt in ways that are consistent with a pastoral musician's gifts and calling.

If you or someone you know might need the wisdom of "similar others," of trusted colleagues to thrive in their ministry, I encourage you and them to attend the conference and be a part of this life-giving conversation.

I believe in Polyphony's mission and trust the people involved in carrying it out; I have thus committed to supporting them in as many ways as I can—this blog post being one of them.

If you have questions about Polyphony or its conference, you can email me, reach out to their director Doug Haney, or visit their website.

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