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Graphic Design: Nevertheless She Preached

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

A few days ago, Nevertheless She Preached (NSP)—the conference that celebrates the voices of women in the pulpit—announced that its event would be held virtually this year. My heart sank. This event has become a "Jerusalem" of sorts, a pilgrimage that fills me up and carries me through the rest of the year. Of course, I'm looking forward to engaging online and helping them in any way I can, but I'm also deeply saddened that I won't have the in-person experience of past years.

It also reminded me though that I should share with you the graphic design work I did for NSP last year. They were looking for a branding refresh that was reflective of their values, themes, and content. While using their original logo, I helped them come up with a new look and feel and then translate it across all necessary digital and printed graphics. Here are some of the ways we used the new branding:

If you are interested in graphic design support—be it rebranding all your digital assets starting with your logo to your social media platforms or be it just a little assistance with a specific event, I'd love to help! And of course, you can register for Nevertheless She Preached here and join me virtually in September!

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